Friday, April 30, 2010

PEEP SHOW!!!!!!!!!

I love a good sense of humor. I grew up in a family where you have to hold your own in the funny department. And even though Easter was a few weeks ago, I had stumbled upon some works of art involving PEEPS!

Peeps are such a funny food. Does anyone really eat them? All I can remember is using them for science experiments… putting them in the microwave until they made the kitchen smell like a camp fire…. and now they are the source for artworks!

I decided to investigate what peeps are all about… I found out some interesting facts:

- The nutritionless confection can be eaten soft and fresh or what is called 'ripe' by peep snobs.

- Peep competitions across America ask participants to create a diorama or art piece using peeps as their medium. There's Peep Art for the Denver Post, Peeps Show on The Washington Post, Peeptacular at the Seattle Times, and countless features and challenges from elementary schools to museums (I guess these competitions are pretty intense… I had no idea)

And lastly….. As cited in URBAN DICTIONARY….

PEEPS – Marshmallow candies in the shape of rabbits and baby chickens. Usually served around Easter. Also short for "people".

EXAMPLE : “I'm audi this Sunday to chill with some peeps”.

I thought I’d share a few of these bizarre, yet hysterical pieces using the marshmallow treat. These images made me smile.

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